Strength Training

Regardless of age, gender, or goals, strength training is for everyone! Strength training can help whether your goal is general health and fitness, getting a stage ready physique, and absolutely everything in between. See yourself achieving a lean, healthy body that you will feel good in. Gain strength, increase muscle mass, and see fat come off. Not only will strength training give you a strong body, but you will simultaneously be building up bone density, strengthening joints, and decreasing the risk of injury. Lifting weights is not just for bodybuilders!

With our trainers, you will learn how to move weight in a way that is safe and effective for targeting different muscles. Trainers know what weight, repetition, and set count is right for you to push you hard enough, but never too much. Your form and well being will always be in mind, and with the help of a spotter, pushing weights could never be safer.

Strength training program design requires precise planning to ensure there is sufficient working and recovering time in order to be progressing, and with our elite trainers, the planning is all in their hands.