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Recover Faster with Game Ready

Recover and heal faster than ever with cold and compression therapy. After an injury or surgery, you are one of the most important things in control of the healing process. Using Game Ready as a treatment in the recovery process is an effective step.

Game Ready GRPro 2.1 is a cold and compression therapy treatment that has been clinically proven to increase the speed of recovery and reduce pain and inflammation. The FDA approved modality has also proven to be much more effective than traditional RICE methods. Game Ready therapy is a deep-penetrating and long-lasting cold treatment to ensure and provide a fast recovery that is now used by elite athletes, military forces, professional sports teams, orthopedic surgeons, and everyday individuals around the world.

What is RICE

RICE is a simple self care method used to treat injuries recommended by many doctors and healthcare practitioners. RICE includes Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. This easy treatment can help reduce pain, swelling, bruising, and speed up healing. 

  • Rest: After an injury, continued movement and stress on a muscle or joint can prevent it from getting any better or make the injury worse. Rest allows the body to use energy towards healing damaged tissue. 
  • Ice: Ice is a trustworthy and reliable tool for reducing inflammation. This tried and true method significantly reduces pain by numbing the affected area and for immediate injuries can decrease the swelling and inflammation to come.
  • Compression: Compression provides pressure which keeps swelling under control and also helps reduce inflammation. A reduction in swelling allows for more blood flow to come bring oxygen to the injured tissue. More oxygen delivery means a more rapid recovery.
  • Elevation: Allows for swelling and bruising to subside 

The simple, at home treatment is effective for sprains, strains, bruises, and many other tissue injuries. Game Ready takes these methods to the next level and can speed the recovery of much more severe musculoskeletal injuries, soft tissue damage, and post surgery operations.

Proven Game Ready Benefits

  • reduces opioid consumption
  • reduces inflammatory response
  • decreases pain
  • decreases swelling
  • decreases muscle spasms
  • decreases lymphatic damage
  • decreases formation of edema
  • decreases venous pressure and venous stasis
  • promotes oxygen tissue saturation
  • increases lymphatic flow
  • increases arterial blood flow
  • reduces risk of infection
  • reduces wound discharge
  • improves range of motion
  • improves gait
  • increases satisfaction with the recovery process

What to expect

 With a Game Ready treatment, a comfortable, circumferential wrap will surround the injured area. The wrap will supply the tissue with active cold and intermittent pneumatic compression therapies. Relax for 30 minutes with the combination of compression and cryotherapy and get your body healing faster than ever before so you can go back to doing what you love. For more details, visit our webpage. Recover faster with Game Ready!


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Written by Danielle Barker