Complimentary fitness assessment including fitness goal planning, body composition analysis and a private training session.

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Physical/Injury Rehabilitation

Get out of pain and speed up your recovery with manual release work and corrective exercises. Hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, back, and neck pain are common complaints we hear and treat at our facility. Injuries may be a result of a strain, repetitive movement pattern, acute blow or fall, a muscular imbalance pulling on a joint, and many more, but they are all different for everyone. With the proper diagnostic tools, your injury can be treated in no time.

Our trainers know exactly how to treat a variety of different injuries and important exercises to continue after recovery for prevention. A mixture of corrective exercises can help strengthen weak muscles to balance out joints. Paired with manual release work and you will feel relief in as little as just a few weeks. Learn exactly what your body is doing and the right movements, stretches, and contraindications to speed up your recovery in the facility and on your own time and how to avoid it in the future.