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HIIT Training

High intensity interval training is one of the more effective methods to increase performance and caloric burn. Not only is HIIT training extremely beneficial for the heart, but also extremely good at pushing you to your limits. High intensity interval training is a form of training where one timed interval is performed at the highest intensity possible followed by a short period of rest and recovery before starting again. HIIT training can be done on cardio machines, with weights, or nothing at all but bodyweight.

How is HIIT Training Structured?

HIIT training workouts focus on various functional movements in a highly intensive way, challenging you to improve your fitness by building strength and adding to your normal conditioning.

Health benefits to HIIT Training

  • Improves endurance and stamina
  • Increases metabolism and muscle mass
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Faster weight loss

HIIT training is exciting, keeps the heart pumping, and the calories burning. Unlike steady state cardio, high intensity intervals are characterized by having an increased metabolic rate after exercise has been completed as the body recovers and consumes more oxygen back to normal levels. HIIT training can be an effective tool for losing fat while maintaining or building muscle. Not to mention a highly effective interval session can be done in just under 20 minutes!