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Pregnancy Training

Are you currently pregnant or attempting to get pregnant? If so than you need a San Diego Personal Trainer who is certified to work with pregnant clients. Being one of the few pregnancy specialists in San Diego, we will take you through a program that will be designed of optimize your health and make the birthing process a lot easier on your body and your baby.

There are many reasons why exercising with a professional personal trainer is a very good idea especially while you’re pregnant. Aside from the obvious health benefits to you and your body, it’s important to know all of the contraindications that arise with pregnancy. Far too often are developing children put at risk because their mom isn’t sure as to what she should be doing while pregnant.

We have worked with numerous women both pregnant and attempting to become pregnant, so that when it comes time for labor the process will be smooth and the moms body will snap back into form much quicker than normal.

In order to get you started on the correct path to an easy pregnancy, we have listed a few of the major no-no’s when exercising while pregnant.

First and foremost – NO EXERCISES WHILE FLAT ON YOUR BACK! This is a very common mistake and could be potentially fatal for both the women and the child. By doing this the fetus will actually be putting excess pressure on the Vena Cava, which is the main vein back to the heart. If this vein collapses immediate medical attention is required in order to save both the baby and the mother. Another reason why this could be very dangerous is because the risk of the umbilical cord getting wrapped around the babies neck is increased drastically. Needless to say this can make labor VERY difficult.

Second– It’s important to remember that your internal temperature will increase very rapidly so be careful not over-train. Intensity levels should be kept mild to moderate so that the developing fetus doesn’t get overheated. Because of this it’s extremely important that you are properly hydrated before, during, and after exercise.

Third – Every exercise program should include weight training, aerobics, and stretching. This is pretty standard for all types of people; however, while pregnant it’s important to follow these guidelines so that your body will return back to it’s pre-pregnancy condition as soon as possible.

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