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Recharge Your Body with PEMF Therapy

Think of yourself as a battery, and the PEMF machine as your wattage. You need wattage to power a battery and for it to function properly. That is exactly what PEMF therapy does, it recharges your body. Instead of recharging a battery though, you are recharging all of your cells. 

How does PEMF therapy work?

PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is electromagnetic waves that are sent into your body to stimulate cellular activity. Cells move ions though a membrane made up of proteins. This allows the cells to communicate with each other. These cells can do this job better when these ions have more charge. You are probably wondering how are PEMF waves different and safe. Well, unlike microwaves, x-rays, and other harmful sources of radiation, PEMF waves have a different frequency and duration. This makes all the difference. In fact, these frequencies can actually counterbalance the harmful radiation from other electromagnetic waves.

So what do these waves do? Over time, cells lose their energy and charge. This leads to underperformance on all levels. PEMFs penetrate the body tissue and bring energy back to cells that have lost their charge. This floods the body with electrons and brings these cells back to their highest performance. This leads to faster healing of body tissue and all other cellular functions. 

PEMF therapy was FDA approved over 25 years ago for healing bones, post surgical pain, inflammation, and depression. And the benefits and science just keeps growing!

What PEMF therapy can do for you

Cells make up everything in our bodies. This means that rechargement of weak, stressed cells can help every system in the body. Treat brain, liver, kidney, gut, muscular, and skeletal issues with PEMF therapy. The electromagnetic waves have been shown to reduce:

  • pain
  • swelling and inflammation
  • stress
  • depression
  • arthritis
  • fibromyalgia symptoms
  • harmful radiation

In addition, the electromagnetic waves have also demonstrated improvement in:

  • sleep
  • energy levels
  • immune function
  • wound healing
  • bone fracture recovery
  • muscular recovery
  • oxygen transport
  • ability to remove toxins
  • circulation
  • organ function
  • nutrient absorption

The benefits are clear. Everyone can improve function with the use of PEMF therapy. Not only can it accelerate acute injuries, but it certainly can reduce chronic aches and pains. It can help heal the body from past injury and prevent or reduce risk of future harm.

Everything we do requires energy. Moving around the house, digesting food, recovering from exercise, keeping our bodies warm, ridding our bodies of toxins; everything! It makes sense that everyday activities can be enhanced and done optimally if we have our cells functioning at their greatest potential. 

Clearly PEMF therapy can improve quality of life, and in as little as just 12 minutes! If you feel you have just been down or low energy, running on caffeine, have that ache that just won’t leave, struggling to sleep, and just need a boost, electromagnetic fields may be the craving you haven’t been able to satisfy.

What you can expect during treatment

What is unique about the Hugo™ PEMF device at Melita Fitness and Rehab is that it uses two mats with you in between like a human taco. This increases the strength of the magnetic fields allowing them to pass through you. For instance, if you were to lay on one mat, the magnetic field would get weaker on the further parts of your body. This human taco method avoids that and ensures that the electromagnetic fields are equally distributed ensuring a more effective treatment.

Treatments are done in 12 minutes or longer depending on your preference. You can expect to feel electric-like pulses on areas of your body that have more damage and need the energy. If you have a hip injury on your left side, you can expect to feel more electricity there and not as much on the right. It may feel unusual, but also relaxing. For more details on planning your session, visit our webpage.


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Written by Danielle Barker