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October 2020

What if I told you that just sitting and relaxing does wonders for your body? Inside an infrared sauna, you can. In a matter of only 25 minutes! Under heat, sweat is one of the body’s ways of getting rid of toxins. Mix that with infrared light, and you are adding numerous other benefits on top of that. This is healthy healing through heat! What is infrared light? Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is made up of different radiation frequencies, from gamma waves to radio waves.

Stretching is incredibly important. Knowing the different types and when they should be done is equally as important. The two types of stretching that should be used are static and dynamic. Both types stimulate different muscular responses. Any kind of stretching is beneficial. It will lead to better performance, increased hypertrophy, reduced stress, increased range of motion,decreased risk of injury, and much much more! However, there is a common misconception around stretching on which and when it should be done. Static stretching As the name states, static stretching is static, or held

It sounds cute and fun, but after it happens, you may not think so! The butt wink is probably one of the more common topics among the fitness industry. What causes it and how to stop it can be different for everyone. Like most things - there is not a one size fits all. I do think; however, that we can all agree we want to be avoiding the butt wink.  What exactly is this butt wink? Squats are my favorite exercise. They build big, strong, balanced legs and there are so

It involves oxygen and pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive, natural way to promote healing in your entire body. Simply put, your body is supplied with more oxygen than it can get at normal conditions, and put under pressure that speeds up your body’s utilization of that oxygen. Body tissue needs oxygen to function. When tissue is damaged, it requires more oxygen to heal. If red blood cells are deprived of oxygen, they cannot carry out necessary functions that keep our bodies safe and healthy. How it works / What it

I know, it sounds like a different language, but stay with me. Reciprocal inhibition is a neuromuscular reflex that affects you on a daily basis. Dysfunction with this process can lead to injury, so it is important to understand what it is and how you can use it to help you avoid pain and perform better. Now for the science

Think of yourself as a battery, and the PEMF machine as your wattage. You need wattage to power a battery and for it to function properly. That is exactly what PEMF therapy does, it recharges your body. Instead of recharging a battery though, you are recharging all of your cells.  How does PEMF therapy work? PEMF therapy, or pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, is electromagnetic waves that are sent into your body to stimulate cellular activity. Cells move ions though a membrane made up of proteins. This allows the cells to communicate with

Train your glutes and prevent pain! And not just because they are the most aesthetically pleasing muscle. Glutes are one of the most important muscles for everything from allowing proper movement patterns, improving stability, balancing out joints, preventing pain, and more! These muscles are well underrated for the good they do for the body. What do the glutes do? For the purpose of this post, when I talk about glutes I am going to be talking about the gluteus maximus. The glute max is the biggest glute muscle covering almost the entire

The abdominals are one of the most looked at muscle groups, so it is important to know how to perform effective abdominal training. They have the ability to protect the body in many different ways and are used in almost all movements. Keeping the core strong allows the entire body to be strong. If the core is not firing efficiently, the entire body is unstable. Conditioning all starts from the middle and works its way out. Having strong abdominals is clearly an important tool. Before you can train the abs effectively,

There is no doubt that stretching is an important aspect of a safe, healthy lifestyle. It helps prevent injury, reduce pain, improve posture, relieve tension, calm the mind and body, reduce stress, increase blood flow, and allow for optimal performance. Clearly stretching has effects that everyone can benefit from.  The fitness industry neglects stretching. Too often people go through a workout and call it afterwards, missing out on the immense benefits of stretching! Stretching is one of the building blocks to solid, functional workouts and a safe lifestyle. Regardless of whether

I see this so often and it drives me crazy. Stop training only your lats when you exercise your back! Learn how to properly train. The latissimus dorsi muscle is one of the biggest back muscles and creates a wide, built back. However, what most people don’t understand is when training the back, the most common exercises performed are all predominantly for the lats. Even more, a common misunderstanding is that the lats help with posture when they actually do the opposite. What is the latissimus dorsi of the back? Now I’m