Complimentary fitness assessment including fitness goal planning, body composition analysis and a private training session.

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Fit3D Body Scanner

If you ever wanted a better way to track your progress, now you can have it! At San Diego Personal Training, try out our Fit3D body scan to see yourself in 3D! Looking at a number on a scale can mean multiple things, and a print out of your BMI and body fat don’t mean much if you can’t visually see what those numbers are talking about. With the Fit3D, you can see exactly where your physique is at this time from every view and angle you wanted to!

The Fit3D is newer, better technology. It is a safe, non-invasive scan that measures your weight, body fat percentage, fat mass (lbs), lean muscle mass (lbs), posture, and balance. Interact with the 3D avatar showing your body in the Fit3D app. There is no better way to track your progress and body composition than an interactive 3D image.

At our facility, you will get set up on the scan with one of our highly certified trainers and begin the process of tracking all your hard work. There is no better way to stay motivated to continue to work hard than when you can visually compare the changes you have made.