Complimentary fitness assessment including fitness goal planning, body composition analysis and a private training session.

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February 2021

The Fit3D Body Scanner captures and processes precise body measurements, body fat%, body shape wellness scoring, and posture/balance analysis. Your results are uploaded into your online account and you are emailed when results are complete. The scan itself takes approximately 40 seconds. Total appointment time between 5-15 minutes. Whether you're looking to lose an inch on your waist or improve your posture, our scanner does both. Here is a snapshot of what your scan will look like.  Compare your posture on a weekly or monthly basis at Melita Fitness and Rehab. Body

Foam rolling has become a common practice in exercise training. Everyone seems to be using this tool in sport, gym, or other athletic settings. The method is done by using ones own body weight to apply pressure to tight or sore muscles. Foam rolling is thought to improve muscular performance and flexibility as well as to alleviate muscle fatigue and soreness. For this reason, foam rolling has become a popular intervention in all kinds of sport settings used to increase the efficiency of training or competition preparation as well as to

PERCUSSION GUN THERAPY Recovery from exercise is a vital component of the overall exercise training paradigm, and paramount for high-level performance and continued improvement. If the rate of recovery is appropriate, higher training volumes and intensities are possible without the detrimental effects of overtraining. WHAT IS A PERCUSSION GUN AND HOW CAN IT HELP ME RECOVER? Like a traditional massage, the gun aims to reduce inflammation by flushing extracellular fluids such as lymph fluid and venous blood out of the muscle tissue and into the circulatory system. It can help relax tight muscles,

In a hyperbaric chamber, you are delivered 97% oxygen in an environment with increased pressure.  Now for a little math, stay with me. At sea level, atmospheric pressure is 760 mmHg (millimeters of mercury) which is equivalent to 1 ATA, (atmospheric absolute). Because air consists of only 21% oxygen, when we breathe, we only get 160 mmHg of oxygen. The pressure in the hyperbaric chamber can be increased to 1.3 ATA, or 1.4 ATA if comfortable, raising the total pressure to 988 mmHg. Under pressure, your lungs are able to accumulate more