Complimentary fitness assessment including fitness goal planning, body composition analysis and a private training session.

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Not only do saunas feel great on a chilly day or post workout, but they are amazing for you. They hold so many benefits for your body to add to your health routine. Here are a few.  Detoxification/Sweating Sweating is completely natural and one of the body’s ways to detox. It is one of the body’s safest and most natural ways to heal and maintain good health. And that’s why our Sunlighten sauna at Melita FItness and Rehab is specifically designed to promote a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat. However, not

What if I told you that just sitting and relaxing does wonders for your body? Inside an infrared sauna, you can. In a matter of only 25 minutes! Under heat, sweat is one of the body’s ways of getting rid of toxins. Mix that with infrared light, and you are adding numerous other benefits on top of that. This is healthy healing through heat! What is infrared light? Infrared light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum is made up of different radiation frequencies, from gamma waves to radio waves.